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A lot of injustices are done to good quality men’s dress shirts. This is so because many a times they are worn ill fittingly. The way to have well-fitting men’s dress shirts, look out for the following:

Collar/Neck size.
Size on this part of the men’s dress shirts is between 14” and 18” and is measured from button hole to button hole. The catch is to have two fingers fit in between the collar and neck and any space more than this is loose. You can have a larger or smaller size only if you neither wear ties nor use the top button.

Good men’s dress shirts have to fit comfortably on the chest, across the upper back and under the arm pits at the same time giving you ample space for motion. They should fit snuggly. It only becomes too tight when the buttons are pulling while you are standing with your arms down.

The length of a good men’s dress shirt should be long enough for comfort when tucked under the pants or when worn untacked. When untacked, the shirts tail should reach just a little below the back pockets of the pants. When worn tucked, try raising your hands up high to see if the tail comes out of the pant. If it comes out then the shirt is too short.

Fitted men’s dress shirts feature a high armhole that allows a tapered sleeve that is without any extra fabric but follows the shape of the arm. The cuff, when buttoned, should reach just under the thumb.

The way a dress shirt fits the chest, shoulder and arm pits is largely dictated by the armhole. There shouldn’t be any fabric hanging under the arm but it should give a tapered feel under the arm and allow ample room for motion.

Men’s dress shirts should have no excess fabric. This means that the shirt should tapper towards the waist and follow the body profile. A clean line should be created between the shirt and the pants when the shirt is tucked in.

Mass produced shirts tend to have the seam where the sleeve attaches the body of the shirt cut too large. This is so done to fit many sizes. A fitted shirt however should have this seam just close to the top of the shoulders and not sliding down the arm.

With these elements, a dress shirt will look awesome and go a long way to make you comfortable and confident with a complete look.

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There are whole assortments of mens dress shirts that are out there waiting for a buyer to come and pluck them from the shelves. The hard part in shopping for them comes because you are not sure which ones are the best choices and why they are. These days, they are no longer just any other piece of clothing but are regarded to have their own prominence in any kind of outfit.They come in a range of options which means that there are many features which distinguishes them from the other.Although they were simply regarded as the under piece that is required to complete a suit.

The dress shirts for men carry more details than was possible before because there are a range of features such as the cuffs and pleats.Others include choices such as the variety of fabrics and patterns that they have which is the reason that men these days have chosen to complement their look by having a diverse range that they can change as necessary. The combinationsofferedby the shirts are infinite and guarantee you never run of choices.It is for this reason that the collars of mens dress shirts areone of the top features that make all the difference. because they range from different types such as English styles as well as the ones that carry the more contemporary designs.

Dress shirts that have been designed for men can have collars which are wide and others narrow with others carrying unique styles such as having points which are rounded. Although people might not know this, the collars determine how formal the shirt is and thus the reason why it needs to be chosen depending on what wants to portray. If a person is nota big fan of ties, there is provision such as the button down shirt which does not need the wearer to have a tie. This is the reason why they are becoming popular by the day because they have influence in many different people.There is the wing collar for the dress shirts that are buttoned down from the top to the bottom.

Shirt cuffs come in different colors and styles including those with angled corners as well as square. French cuffs are considered to not only be one of the most common but just as popular as well. The reason is that they tend to look nice when they are part of a suit.

They can also be worn with other clothing as well. With the option of short sleeves, one can have the right casual look. These ones can as well have different looks including coming in plain or even cuffed with additional styling. Shirt pockets cannot be left behind considering that they come in a variety of button styles.

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Men’s Dress Shirts typically mean a collared shirt with long sleeves or short sleeves. They come in different types of fabrics, cuts, and sizes. Their prices range from low cost to high costs depending on who has designed them and where you buy them. Men should have at least five of them in their closet, one to fit every day of the week. They can be used when wearing a suit, or just alone to create the casual formal look. They’re a closet staple, therefore when buying them; take extra care to make sure they fit perfectly. There are a few things to look for when buying a men’s dress shirt.
These are:
The neck – Your shirt’s collar should fit your neck without squeezing or pinching. If you’re not armed with your neck measurement, then ask to try out the shirt. This way you can test how tight the neck will be. The way to do this is to make sure you can slip one finger into the space between your neck and the shirt collar with no trouble. Two fingers means the collar is too wide for you. If you’re unable to fit any finger, the collar is too tight.

The Size – The torso fit is important for your shirt. Buying a shirt larger than your frame is okay, just don’t have it form a balloon at your waist when you tuck it in. The only way to do this is to try it out, and see how the shirt acts when you tuck it into your trousers. Don’t be afraid to shop around until you find the shirt that fits your torso without looking like a blouse.

The Shoulders – Your dress shirt should afford you comfort through a high-tension business presentation, or a meeting where you have to sit long hours. Having a shirt that fits tightly around your shoulders makes you uncomfortable. When you try out your dress shirt, make sure the seam fits your shoulders exactly. The shirt’s shoulder seam must fit the span of your shoulders. Saggy shoulders make the shirt look untidy, while too tight shoulders restrain your movement.

The Sleeves – Short sleeves are great for hot seasons. The sleeve shouldn’t be too tight, that it hugs your bicep. It shouldn’t also be too loose that it billows. It should have a moderate fit around your bicep. Long-sleeved men’s dress shirts are more formal, and elegant. The sleeves should fit the width of your arm, and rest on your wrist comfortably. Buy a shirt that fits you, so that extra fabric doesn’t bulk up in your suit jacket. You should be able to lift your arms above your head without the sleeves sliding to your arm.

Cuff Links are an accessory you should invest in for your men’s dress shirts. They add style to your look instead of plain buttons.

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